Prenatal Services

Healthy Me. Healthy Baby.

Calloway County Health Department is committed to assuring that all pregnant women in Calloway County receive the proper prenatal care.

Prenatal care is the most important responsibility of any pregnant woman. Everything that you do while you are pregnant affects your baby. For example, if you smoke, your baby smokes and if you eat poorly, your baby eats poorly. So, it is extremely important that all pregnant women take the steps to make sure that their baby receives the best chance for a healthy start in life. Research has shown pregnant women who obtain prenatal care in the first three months of pregnancy have fewer medical problems throughout pregnancy and healthier babies.

Calloway County Health Department conducts a maternity services program for those individuals who meet the eligibility criteria. In addition, our health department will assist pregnant individuals who are presumptively eligible for Medicaid coverage. For more information on the eligibility criteria for our Maternity Services program, please contact us. For more information regarding presumptive eligibility, please click on the link below.