Health Education & Promotion

Calloway County Health Department provides a variety of health education and promotion related to public health issues.  Health education and promotion activities include media campaigns, presentations, health fairs, displays, and local group/coalition involvement in the community.  Amy Ferguson, RD, is our health education coordinator. 

Physical Activity Education

The Calloway County Health Department encourages our community to be physically active. Physical activity improves the well-being of individuals, families, organizations, and communities. The science of physical activity is complex, but there is strong evidence to indicate that regular physical activity will provide substantial health gains.

The health department also supports other community efforts in promoting physical activity. For example, the health department helped to fund the Borne Learning Trail. The Borne Learning Trail captures 10 fun outdoor games on engaging signs to help parents and caregivers create learning opportunities for young children. The trail helps boost children’s language and literacy skills and encourages families to get active. The Borne Learning Trail is located at the Murray-Calloway County Park on 900 Payne Street.

Click here for the CDC's physical activity recommendations.

Click here for the Physical Activity Resource Guide.

Nutrition Education

The Calloway County Health Department employs a registered dietitian who provides nutrition counseling and education in the clinical and community setting. Clinical nutrition services include medical nutrition therapy, which is personalized plan for nutrition wellness for a variety of diseases and conditions. Medical nutrition therapy counseling sessions are available by appointment and do not require a physician’s referral.

Community nutrition services include classroom education in schools, participation in health fairs at schools, the Senior Citizens Center, and in collaboration with Murray-Calloway County Hospital.

The health department also provides “Learning about Diabetes”, a group learning session with a “Nutrition Basics” component. “Learning about Diabetes” is ideal for people who have been newly diagnosed with diabetes or for those who need a refresher on managing their diabetes. It is taught in simple, easy to understand terms. Call the health department for more information.

Nutrition presentations to community groups may be provided upon request. If your organization is looking for a speaker, contact the health department and ask to speak to Amy Ferguson.

Tobacco Health Education & Promotion

The Calloway County Health Department's Comprehensive Tobacco Prevention & Education Program aims to reduce youth tobacco use rates, promote quitting among adults and youth, and reduce exposure to secondhand smoke in all communities in our community.  Our program includes support of cessation services, a public service media campaign, a youth empowerment initiative, and activities increase the awareness about the dangers of secondhand smoke.  The health department is involved in the following activities: 

  • Freedom from Smoking sessions
  • Participation in the local ASAP coalition
  • Kick Butts Day
  • Great American Smokeout
  • School Presentations
  • Health Fairs and Displays
  • Media Campaigns
  • Kentucky’s 1-800-QUIT-NOW

For more information and resources on tobacco cessation/education, go to

Quit Now Kentucky

Healthy Start in Child Care

Calloway County Health Department provides child care health consultation services to all child care facilities in the Purchase and Pennyrile area. Johnna Black, RN, is our Child Care Health Consultant and can be reached at (270) 753-3381 or by email at See below for her contact information and view the information on the website links below for more information.