Diabetes Education

Diabetes education is available through the Calloway County Health Department. The health department recognizes that diabetes is a serious public health problem. Diabetes education and awareness is provided through media campaigns, health fairs, group counseling, and individual nutrition counseling.

The prevalence of diabetes has more than tripled since 1995. Research by the CDC has shown that approximately 27% of people with diabetes have not been tested and diagnosed. For Kentucky, this would mean that in addition to the 370,000 patients diagnosed with diabetes, another 137,000 have undiagnosed diabetes, for a total of 507,000 adults living with diabetes.

Diabetes is controllable and complications of the disease such as blindness, kidney failure, lower extremity amputation, and cardiovascular disease may be prevented if the disease is detected and managed successfully by the health care team and the patient. Management includes dietary treatment, physical activity, and medications to control blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol.

Diabetes Education: There is no charge to attend any of the diabetes education sessions. We offer two types of diabetes education—Learning about Diabetes and Healthy Living with Diabetes.

Learning about Diabetes is a non-comprehensive session that covers the fundamentals of diabetes care, including information about healthy eating.

Know Your Numbers by Knowing Your ABCs.






It is essential that a person with diabetes educate themselves about how food choices, physical activity, medications and illnesses affect blood sugar. Management of diabetes is the key to controlling the disease.

Diabetes group education is available at the health department. Participants will be advised on how to mange diabetes in simple, easy to understand terms. Call the health department to ask about dates for these sessions.

Individual medical nutrition therapy is also available by appointment.

Furthermore, there are many resources available for diabetes education such as the Diabetes Self-Management classes. The American Diabetes Association website offers many services that will help walk you through diabetes management.

To search for additional diabetes support resources, go to the Kentucky Diabetes Resource Directory at https://apps.chfs.ky.gov/KYDiabetesResources/.
If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, there is help available to put you on the path to a healthier future.  Call the health department for more information.

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