Adult Services

(Ages 21 and up)

Calloway County Health Department provides several health services to the adults of our community. Tuberculosis testing/assessments, certain adult immunizations, and influenza vaccinations are available at our health department.

In addition, we can provide education and information about smoking cessation and physical activity/nutrition promotion. The health department also offers breastfeeding support, medical nutrition therapy, and cancer screening services.

Calloway County Health Department is responsible for the reporting and investigation of possible communicable diseases. Refer to the following website link for the list of reportable diseases, the reporting timeframes, and the EPID 200 form.
Click Here!

If you have any questions, please contact the health department.

Vital Statistics and Paternity Services

The Calloway County Health Department has a local registrar, who is responsible for providing voluntary acknowledgement of paternity services and maintaining and/or processing vital records such as birth and death records.  However, to obtain a certified copy of any certificate, you must contact the Office of Vital Statistics or click on the link below to order the certificate on-line.  Applications for birth and death certificates may be obtained at the health department.    

DNA testing is not performed at the health department; however, call at 1-800-DNA-TEST or the Calloway County Attorney’s office at 270-759-4115 for more information.

If you have any questions or need to reach the state’s Office of Vital Statistics, please go to Click Here! or contact us and ask for the registrar.